Asheville NVC Consciousness practice group

Over the Summer I began hosting a bi-weekly NVC practice group here in Asheville, NC. The group is organized through Facebook and can be found here.

Our next gathering will be Tuesday, January 5th from 7pm – 8:30pm. It will be held at 29 Parkwood Ave, Asheville, NC 28804. Event details below.


There are 3 things that will excel your NVC practice.

1) Interior Clarity (Feelings and Needs awareness and vocabulary)

2) NVC Support

3) Practice, Practice, Practice

The intention for this next gathering will be to work on all 3.

To start, Geri Hubbe will address the topic of “inner listening, clarity, and insight, how to notice the sensations in the body and notice the emotions.” Geri will lead us in guided meditation of Body Scanning. Next I will show some simple hand positions when using NVC to help make the different parts more tangible – thinking, feeling, needing, and requesting.

As we take notice of our bodily state, we will then transition into practicing NVC, sharing what’s alive in us, what’s been troubling us, what we’d like to celebrate.

Something we will be practicing from now on in gatherings is to continue to raise awareness of and acknowledge our discomfort. I’d like to explore with the group identifying hand signals that would effectively indicate when someone is feeling uncomfortable and if they would like that discomfort to be addressed with the group or if they would like to “pass.”

For the NVC practice after the inner listening part, the format I envision is for me to be in the main room working with one person in front of the group with whatever is alive for them. Those interested in observing will see the NVC process in action, which I imagine will spur questions and other things that come alive for people. This will be a fluid process and we will shift between what comes alive for different people – it won’t be only one person sharing what is alive for them in front of the group with me, we’ll shift and flow as things unfolds.

At the same time as this is taking place in the main room, those who are interested in working through whatever is alive in them in a more private and one-on-one setting will pair up in the side room for NVC empathy practice.

*This event is free. There is a donation box if you are inspired to financially contribute to my work and well-being, and donations are greatly appreciated, but there is absolutely no obligation to do so.