AVL NVC Consciousness Gathering – NVC & Politics

In our next Asheville NVC Consciousness meeting, we will be exploring how to implement our work with NVC into the realm of political opposition and rhetoric. Never before have we seen such polarity amidst opposing political parties. The resulting violence, in language and behavior, can be enraging, paralyzing and confusing.
With election season coming up in November, the connection between NVC and politics is a theme we’d like to bring to the table to help us better understand the undercurrents of feelings and needs behind this political season. The hope in doing so is to bridge the gap between ourselves and ‘the other’ so as to make life more wonderful.
-Erika Binger
Erika and I will be co-hosting this event at Kairos Community Center West. Please note that Kairos is moving into the building where Firestorm is. The address should be 610 Haywood Rd, Asheville, NC. The move should be complete to our new building space by the time of our meeting. I am contacting the Kairos coordinator for confirmation and will let you know if there are any issues or changes.
Please note that we will be starting at 7pm so I’d enjoy if you arrive before then to get seated and situated.