Food (& overall) Security

Growing your own food creates more autonomy and security from the external systems most of us depend on. Using permaculture practices can further hone this security. This can be achieved on the small-scale (1/10 acre) personal level, community level, and regional level.

By growing your own food (even if it’s only a little food at first) you are placing profits/yields back into your pocket rather than the pocket of some corporation, eliminating the expense of buying food. If you then use permaculture practices, many conventional gardening / big agriculture expenses can be mitigated, further retaining yields for you and/or your community.

By using only heirloom or organic (i.e. not using GMO or hybrid) seed, you can save your own seeds and eliminate the expense of new seed. By using your own food scraps for compost and the leaves that fall off the trees (and then are so nicely bagged on the curb for you), you eliminate the expense of fertilizer and potting soil. By harvesting rain water through a roof catchment system and/or by swales (on contour water collecting trenches), you eliminate the expense of water.

There are many more strategies like this for growing your own food sustainably. If you’d like to learn more, feel free to contact me for a consultation or explore the free permaculture information from my Resources page.