New partnership: Sustainable Way of Life and POTTY Generation – Empowered Communication for parents

I’m pleased to announce that on September 19, 2015, Sustainable Way of Life (SWL) began a partnership with Charlotte, NC based POTTY Generation. SWL will serve as lead referral for NVC services offering Empowered Communication training for clients and staff.

This is exciting for a number of reasons – Adriana Vermillion, founder of POTTY Generation, is a close friend of mine, and I enjoy collaborating with her. I’m also delighted when businesses incorporate NVC into their company values. And Adriana has more than incorporated NVC into POTTY Generation values, she lives NVC values on a daily basis.

Many of us spend at least half our waking hours either at work or at school. The more NVC is incorporated into the places where we spend so much of our lives, the more likely we are to increase personal fulfillment, authentic expression, empathic listening, and harmonious interactions with one another. Empowered Communication (NVC) offers action-based, effective, and efficient tools to foster connection, integrity, and care.

I’m also very excited because SWL will be working closely with parents. Life is short and I highly value personal fulfillment. Unfortunately, many of our entrenched behavioral patterns are life-alienating and life-disconnecting. To raise the next generation with understanding and compassion rather than guilt, shame, and obligation; for our young people to have the actionable tools to effectively commune with one another; to break the ingrained communication and behavioral patterns ever present in our culture and so lacking of connection…what an amazing opportunity! I am thrilled and honored to play a role in fostering sustainable relationships.

With that, I thank you for your time and energy in receiving what I have shared. I thank you for being a part of my continual and endless pursuit towards effective contribution.

With care, excitement, and gratitude,

Matthew Miller

Life Consultant & Founder of Sustainable Way of Life