Principles of Permaculture

Permaculture Principles

A combination of Bill MoIIison’s and David Holmgren’s Principles of Permaculture Design, condensed and summarized by Patricia Allison, 2009

  • Primary Design Principle
    • Observe and interact
  • Design Principles in Goal-Setting
    • Obtain a yield
    • Redundancy
    • Catch and store energy
    • Stacking functions
    • Produce no waste
  • Principles of Design Strategy
    • Observe and replicate natural patterns
    • Use and value renewable resources and services
    • Design from patterns to details
    • Sector and zone planning
    • Relative location
    • Use edges and value the marginal
    • Use and value diversity
    • Integrate rather than segregate
    • Apply self-regulation and accept feedback
    • Use small and slow solutions