Life Consulting

As a Life Consultant and founder of Sustainable Way of Life, through Empowered Communication (NVC), I modify and raise awareness of communication and behavioral patterns to increase personal fulfillment.

I teach individuals, couples, families and children, communities, and organizations to effectively communicate with others in loving, peaceful, and respectful methods to increase the probability of compassionate understanding.

I train people to use the principles of Empowered Communication when relating to others and themselves — focusing on what they observe, feel, and need, rather than making assessments and judgments — to connect more authentically with one another.

My passion is helping others find personal fulfillment using mutually beneficial and life-affirming strategies.

I believe Empowered Communication helps us discover and express what’s alive in us so that we feel more resolved, connected, inspired, genuine, and fulfilled.

Through incorporating and using Empowered Communication you’ll learn to connect in ways that are more honest and compassionate with yourself and those around, as you gently let go of life-disconnecting, life-alienating motivations thought processes and behaviors.