Distracting ourselves from it won’t make it go away

When we commit the time and energy (and bravery) to connect with ourselves at a supremely honest and vulnerable level, even when the feelings we’re experiencing are on that “Feelings When Needs Are Not Being Spoken To” list, even when it means shedding light on thoughts we shouldn’t be having, when we move with and be present with what is alive in us rather than trying to avoid or change what is present, we open the door to discovery of such depth, such clarity, such invigoration, such care, such empowerment!

The longer we consider this state of being as negative, bad, wrong, incorrect, should not be, to be fixed and controlled, the longer we will persist in this state of being, our driving life force deeply longing to be acknowledged, to be heard, to be understood. Avoiding it, side-stepping it, distracting ourselves from it will not make it go away.

Acceptance of Present Circumstances

It’s okay to not have the energy to be present with our pains.

Sometimes pains are too big to be present with right now; sometimes we just do not have the energy to cope with the difficulties of acknowledging specific past pains – and that is okay. There are limitations in this world, and that is okay too. Our bodies are constantly seeking equilibrium and when we are low, we are usually in touch with our needs for ease, rest, and play – needs that are usually not spoken to when facing the skeletons in the closet. For organic healing to take place, we must be inspired with a life-connecting motivation, as opposed to a life-disconnecting motivation.