AVL NVC Consciousness Gathering – Transforming Our Anger (pt2 – workshop)

  • Location: Kairos – 742 Haywood Rd, Asheville, NC 28806
  • Date & Time: Tuesday, May 3rd from 7pm-9pm.
  • Co-host: Sasha Tsyupka

Our last gathering (Transforming Our Anger) turned out to be a wonderful discussion around the process of identifying and transforming our anger. Part two will be the hands-on experiential workshop component of this process. I’m delighted that Sasha Tsyupka will be co-hosting this event again with me.

In this gathering we will review what we discussed in the last meeting, then Sasha and I will demonstrate the process of transforming our anger, and then we will break into pairs to practice the process. Please try to bring with you 2 specific examples of a time when you felt angry and be able to identify a specific trigger person/scenario around this anger.

Please note that pairs will be matched by relative sensitivity to anger. For example, if you have a high sensitivity to anger, you will be paired with someone who shares a high sensitivity and who will likely be mindful of this sensitivity.

I look forward to seeing you there!

“For teaching purposes, I sometimes refer to anger as similar to the warning light on the dashboard of a car – it’s giving you useful information about what the engine needs. You wouldn’t want to hide or disconnect or ignore it. You’d want to slow down the car and figure out what the light’s trying to tell you.” (Marshall B. Rosenberg)

*This event is free.