Why buy local, organic seeds?

Buying local organic seeds means planting seeds from plants that are already adapted to your climatic conditions, thus the likelihood of plant success is higher than buying from a distributor. This does not mean buying seed from your local Lowes/Home Depot, which carry national distributor brands not necessarily adapted to your climatic conditions. Buying local or regional also supports the local/regional economy and increases resiliency where you live.


There are many reasons not to buy GMO seeds but the simplest reason is that buying organic seed means you can harvest your own seed for the next planting season, further honing a plant gene line specific to your growing conditions, For Free!. With GMO and hybrid seed you must repurchase seeds every year – a plant from a GMO seed will produce sterile fruit. For example, if you planted the seed from a non-organic avocado you bought from the store, that seed may produce an avocado tree but that tree will not produce avocados.